COOL-FIT ABS Plus: A unique piping system for SRS

COOL-FIT is a pre-insulated complete plastic piping system, designed specifically to optimize the efficiency, installation costs and life span of the secondary cooling and refrigeration systems operated with brine or glycol solutions.

The smooth inner surface of the ABS pipe provides for minimal pressure loss, while the low thermal conductivity of plastic and the insulation ensure low energy and running costs for a lifetime.

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Next Generation
Water Chillers

Frigadon has developed a range of totally environmentally friendly packaged air cooled LT chillers using the natural HC refrigerant R1270, that reaches highly set specifications regarding environmental aspects and reliable operation.

Never before has it been so easy to install and commission a chiller. All units come with complete controls and electrics as well as a built-in hydraulic kit with inverter drive circulation pump (separate pumping stations can be ordered). Just connect the power supply and the flow / return pipes on the brine side and you are ready to go.

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BTL air cooler
High quality Swedish technology

The BTL-series, DX Cooler and Liquid Air Cooler by AIA, is specifically designed for storage of fruit & vegetable products.

Blow through units mean that the air flow is pushed through the coil and the advantage with this method is that there is a low and even air velocity. With its low profile and optimized configuration for air temperatures around 0°C and together with a small temperature difference the risk of dehydration will be minimized.

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